Saturday, March 9, 2013

What is Crazy

For this project I wanted to look at the ideas of insanity and violence that are prevalent throughout the book Wisconsin Death Trip.  Many of the newspaper articles that Michael Lesy uses in the book have that theme running through out them.  There is a lot about people going crazy and committing murders or strange seemingly random acts of violence.  So from the book I got a feeling of insanity.  So I wanted my movie to evoke the mind of a crazy person.  From that jumping off point I came up with a few idea of things that I thought would be weird and crazy and would promote this feeling.  From there I had the idea of making each of the “episodes” happen out of order, so that the viewer got the feeling that the person was not able to process what is going on correctly.  In general I loved this project because I felt that it gave me a lot of freedom creatively and allowed me to really develop this vision I had for the project, which is something that I feel I have not been able to do the rest of the term.  Finally, I would like to apologize for not having a youtube video of my project.  One of my models did not want it on the internet since the movie had images of her naked, as well due to the nudity it violated youtube’s terms of service.

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