Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Behind the Cardboard

How do you get someone to not only tell you one of their biggest secrets but agree to let you show it to the whole world?  The answer to that question is very carefully.  This was the idea behind my project, Behind the Cardboard.  Last term I had a project where I photographed people playing “nerdy” games but was very careful not to show there face because the people did not want to be associated with these games.  It was this juxtaposition of loving to play the game but at the same time being embarrassed by it that I wanted to explore in this project.  However, because the people were embarrassed by the fact that they play Magic most people I talked to about sitting for the project flat out refused.  The six who you see in the set here are the only people I could get to agree to do it.  It took a week of discussion but I was able to persuade them in the end.  Finally, I decided to use a simple one light set up for this shoot, because I always use a huge light set up for my projects, so I wanted to mix it up this time.

Stevie 2013

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